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Premier Gifts has a large selection of exclusive gifts and items for the home. Whether you are looking for gift ideas or something to enhance your home décor, you will find it in our extensive catalog. We have a large selection of home decorations, including lighting, mirror, ornaments, accessories, and clocks.

A change in lighting can completely transform your home décor. We have unique lighting designs in floor lamps, table lamps, and desk lamps in a wide range of styles, sizes and colors. If you are coordinating your lighting, you will find floor lamps with a matching table lamp to tie together your lighting and create a cohesive design for your home.

Mirrors are an excellent addition to any room in your home or office and a beautiful mirror is a great gift for any occasion. We have a large selection of mirrors in table top designs and hanging mirrors, so you can find something for any room of your home. Some of our innovative and popular mirrors include hand carved mirrors, a traditional Belle Époque vanity mirror, porthole mirrors, etched mirrors, handheld mirrors, and more.

Ornaments and sculptures are unique gift ideas and home decorations that provide an interesting focal point on a desk, table, or mantle. We have a variety of sculptures that include horses, nautical themes, models planes, giant chess pieces and more. Several sculptures are available in abstract designs, loops, spiral designs, ribbon sculptures, and other interesting and unique shapes.

You will find accessories for your home décor, office, and gift ideas for any occasion. We have accessories that include ship bells, mirrors, reading glasses, barometers, weather glass, magnifying glasses on stands and handheld magnifying glasses, robots, and more. Some accessories include useful items, such as torch and tool sets, and remote control key finders.

Clocks are useful home decorations that serve a function and add to the home décor. We have a large selection of desktop clocks and wall clocks. You will find something in classic, modern, nautical and traditional styles to match your home décor and gift ideas for friends and family that will fit the interests and preferences of your recipient.

And please feel free to contact us on +44 208 447 1884 or for more personal assistance. And you are ever so welcome to visit our London shop for more ideas.



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