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Model planes are loved by adults and children. Whether you are looking for model airplanes to help a child start his first collection or a model jet plane for sale for an adult collector or aviation enthusiast, you will find the perfect gift at Premier Gifts. We specialize in model planes and other unique gifts and offer only exceptional quality model planes and exclusive gifts.

We have model airplanes from several time periods ranging from antique, historic and classic model planes to modern planes. There is something in our catalog for every collector with war planes, military planes, early aircraft, such as the Spirit of St. Louis and modern airliners and jet planes that replicate famous and infamous airplanes of the past and today.

If you love military planes, we have a large selection of classic and antique models. There are many popular models, including our WWI US Army and French Spad XIII model planes, a clear Spad XIII model plane, 1939 Dixie Clipper Boeing 314, 1926 Ford Trimotor plane, Supermarine Spitfire MK XVI, Hawker Hurricane and many more.

Modern aircraft and commercial planes are popular among collectors and as an accent piece for any office or home. You will find a great selection of iconic commercial aircrafts in our online catalog, such as the New Livery and Drop Nose British Concorde, British Airways 737 and 747, Air France Concorde, Boeing 747-400 and Airbus Virgin Atlantic and many other modern commercial airliners.

All the model planes and model airplane kits for sale at Premier Gifts are exceptional quality models. Our antique, classic and modern plane models are crafted with intricate detailing to create a beautiful replica of the original aircraft. We have included pictures and descriptions, so you can see the detail and quality construction of each model jet plane for sale on our website.

Browse our website to see our planes and images that can be enlarged to show the exquisite detail of these model airplane kits. Check Compare for the items that most interest you to compare the models and select the right gift for a loved one or addition to your own collection. We are proud to offer outstanding customer service and want to earn your business. For more information or answers to your questions, please contact us by email or by phone (on +44 208 447 1884.

Please note we deliver globally using an international courier service. We have over ten years experience of international delivery and client service based on our sister business.



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