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Premier Gifts carries an eclectic selection of high quality gifts and items for your home. If you are struggling to find the perfect gift or want something interesting to enhance the décor of your home or office, we have antique gifts that commemorate the spirit of exploration. You will find ship bells and reading glass replicas and many other premium quality items.

We have a variety of wood, solid brass and rosewood, or nickel plated brass magnifying glasses. Choose from handheld magnifying glasses, a magnifying glass with stand in brass and wood or bronze, empress reading glass, or a tube magnifier, which is a vintage brass microscope.

For homes or offices decorated in a nautical theme, consider a bronze ship bell, ultrasonic distance finder, weather station with a remote, and sextants, which were used at sea for years to define latitude, longitude and angles of the sun.

If you are looking for unique and captivating antique gifts, globes, telescopes, spyglasses and microscopes make an interesting centerpiece on any desk, table, or mantle. We have day and night globes, bronzed hour glasses, tabletop telescopes, and telescopes with stands, bronze spy glasses, handheld binoculars and Victorian binoculars and binoculars with tripods.

Antique and vintage style compasses make great gifts. At Premier Gifts, we have a wide variety of compasses, including brass pocket compasses, lodestone, lifeboat, Victorian and Georgian era compasses and many other unique instruments of exploration crafted in the styles used by explorers at various eras throughout history.

Our exquisite and highly detailed model airplanes are suitable for display in any home or office. Some great gift ideas include our aluminum desktop DC-3 model plane, 1939 Boeing 314, WWI Gee Bee airplane models, and small hand sculpted wooden airplane propellers. In addition, we have hot air balloon models and hot air balloon mobiles to brighten a child's room, play room, or any room.

Please browse our website to find antique gifts in a range of prices and enough variety to find a great gift at a price that will fit your budget. Place your order online for efficient service and fast order processing or contact us, if you need assistance.



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