Aluminium Model Plane and Globe

Aluminium Model Plane and GlobeAluminium Model Plane and Globe
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  • Aluminium Model Plane and Globe
  • Aluminium Model Plane and Globe
"On top of the World!!" This gorgeous model, polished, metal finish aircraft, flies over the top of the beautifully detailed globe. A fantastic piece for the home or office. Dimensions WDH   M. 8.7 x 10.4 x 12.2''   M. 22x26.5x31cm

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The Plane and Globe Model: A Classic Desk Piece

Did you know, that the globe as you see it today, took quite a bit of time to come into being? In fact, constructive efforts were periodically put in by imminent scholars and scientists before the globe achieved its modern shape. The earliest model was constructed in 150BC in Turkey.

However, one of the earliest preserved forms, the Farnese Atlas, was sculpted in Italy in 150AD. And, the oldest terrestrial version of the globe came about in 1474 and was created by Martin Behaim of Germany. Therefore, it was essentially a gradual metamorphosis that gave the modern day globe model its present form!

The Authentic Models Plane and Globe Model - A Desk Piece with a Difference

If the traditional globe model has continued to impress you always, bringing home an innovative variation in the form of the plane and globe model is a great idea. This gorgeous model, nicknamed "On Top of the World" depicts an aesthetically detailed globe with an aircraft in metal finish flying over it. The dimensions of WDH M. 8.7 x 10.4 x 12.2'' M. 22x26.5x31cm, makes it ideal for placing on desktops of all sizes.

"On top of the World" by Authentic Models is an ideal gifting idea to be used both at home and at office. The globe, detailed as it is, could serve as the ideal educational tool for young children. Besides, it's strictly formalized appeal could also make it a cynosure of all eyes at the workplace! Priced at £45.00, exclusive of taxes, it also proves to be a cost effective gifting idea that fits in your budget.

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