30mm Solitaire Game

30mm Solitaire Game30mm Solitaire Game
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Hours of fun with the benefit of being a fabulous decorative piece in any room. Appealing to all ages, this is the perfect gift. The dark alluring wooden board with 36 gleaming, hand blown glass marbles in an array of colours. Dimensions WDH   Product size:   Ø 13.75 x 3.6"    

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The 30mm solitaire is one of our many AM games which has been elegantly hand built with solid mahogany and an antique finish. It includes 38 hand-made & polished semi-precious mineral gemstones included with the game, two of which are spares. We aim to provide our authentic model games in different sizes and scales to cater to specific customer needs. This solitaire board game is the larger of two we have available with a 9cm height X 30cm width and 30mm sized marbles.

All of the marbles have been mined, hand-cut, ground and polished by hand; every mineral is by definition unique, providing every solitaire marble set its own unique character.

The game of Solitaire is originally thought to have been designed by a nobleman in the Bastille prison during the early years of the French Revolution. Played with 36 marbles, the objective is to eliminate all but one marble, and by the end you should ideally end up in the centre of the board.

This magnificent game board is highly decorative with its brilliant colours contrasted beautifully against the mahogany base. Built to be a beautiful centre piece, this authentic model game will provide an ultimate addition to your nautical décor. Like many of our authentic models games, this is an irresistible, fun and challenging game to play, which will bring you and the family many hours of entertainment.

With great value for many this would make an ideal gift for friends or colleagues. We have many gaming gifts available here at Premier Gifts, with a wide range to choose from, and you are sure to find that impressive gift for that perfect someone.



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