Traditional Belle Epoque Vanity Mirror

Traditional Belle Epoque Vanity MirrorTraditional Belle Epoque Vanity Mirror
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A elegant Geogian style mirror. The duo toned metal stand, piveting on a ball joint set this attractive yet usefull aparatus apart from the rest. Dimensions LWD  9 x 12.75 x 33cm 3.5 x 5 x 13"

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Did you know that glass mirrors which form an essential part of our daily lives today were first used in the 16th Century Venice? This was the time when glass mirrors with tin-mercury were used but due to their expensive nature they soon gave way to Venetian glass mirrors and then silver glass mirrors that are in vogue today.

Over the years mirrors have found multiple uses in our lives especially in the form of vanity mirrors which are a permanent feature of every woman's hand bag, driving mirrors that are crucial for seeing the traffic at the back, mirrors in our bathrooms or dressing rooms, decorative mirrors etc. Premier Gifts offers a unique range of mirrors including a beautiful Authentic Models traditional Belle Epoque Vanity Mirror that is symbolic of the golden age characterized by peace, optimism and the age of new discoveries.

Reminding you of the Georgian era, the traditional Belle Epoque Vanity mirror by Authentic Models offered by Premier Gifts is an elegant piece that is not only useful but good to carry. One can either use it as a standalone grooming mirror or attach it to the car. This unique piece comes with a duo toned metal stand and a ball joint which enhances the beauty of this highly useful vanity mirror. Available for £66.00 (excluding taxes) this traditional Belle Epoque Vanity Mirror has a unique beauty that is likely to catch the eye of people who love to own stylish yet ethnic things. The dimensions of this highly useful and elegant product are LWD9 x 12.75 x 33cm 3.5 x 5 x 13".

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