Bronze Ship Bell (13cm)

Bronze Ship Bell (13cm)Bronze Ship Bell (13cm)
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A handmade, solid, heavy brass and sand-cast bell. The bronze finish and chunky, hand knotted lanyard, make this a truely authentic bell. Dimensions  LWD  12 x 12.75cm   /  4.7 x 5''

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An original ship bell was cast out of bronze and was first developed in the Bronze Age, especially in China. But a ship's bell came to being for time-keeping. One of the earliest records of a ship bell being used dates back to1485, as the British ship Grace Dieu boarded a ship bell.

The ringing of a ship's bell was inevitably used as a warning signal to other ships and vessels, when visibility was low due to extreme occurrence of fog. Over time is became mandatory, and all maritime laws require the requirement of bells on board. However, those bells have evolved over time. Traditionally too, the cook or chef of the ship too had the bronze bell at his disposal to call for dinner.

Perhaps none of the above mentioned functions of the Authentic Models Bronze Ship Bell from Premier gifts will not come to much use to one, however the authenticity and history of a ship bell is important to understand why we have chosen to impart handmade ship bells that can be mounted on your home or portico walls with ease. These are solid bells made of brass but have bronze finish to bring out the vintage feel and cause of the product. The bell can be rung just as an original ship bell with its attractive and chunky hand knotted lanyard making it truly authentic bell that can be rung for different reasons.

The Authentic Models Bronze Bell is available in other sizes to suit your convenience and budget.

Dimensions: LWD 12 x 12.75cm / 4.7 x 5''



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